Hi! We’re Cam Lee and Taylor Gibbons. We’re bloggers based out of Vancouver, Canada with a passion for photography, travel and healthy living.

Exploring our surroundings has always been an innate behavior for us, yet it becomes all too easy to neglect that youthful curiosity as life gets chaotic. The connection to the outdoors is something that is rooted deep within us. With this passion, we will tap into our connection with the open air and share with you some of the places that inspire us the most. Something about getting on our feet and simply immersing ourselves in the environment inspires a sense of calm, reflection, and awe that leaves us feeling invigorated.

With busy lives often centered around cities, we know our surroundings can’t always be remote vistas and peaks. And this is just fine. Getting to know our local surroundings is just as satisfying, and we love to get a taste, sip, and feel of our local neighborhoods and those we are traveling through. Although we are big believers in fueling up on fresh and clean foods, we will no doubt be sharing with you some of our habitual indulgences as well.

Near or far, we will be pushing ourselves to learn, experience, and unearth something that inspires us, sharing it here so that it may do the same for you.